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01 November 2020 @ 12:36 pm

Comment to be added.

If you've been deleted due to inactivity and you have returned, drop me a comment. I'll add you back.
Chances are, I miss you! :)

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30 December 2013 @ 11:41 pm

This morning Carl and I tried out a recipe for american style pancakes. I'm not usually a big pancake fan but I made some raspberry sauce and used squirty cream to make them exceptionally tasty. I think they were a massive hit with the boyf too since this is what he posted to facebook:

Yes you have boy!

If you'd like the recipe to try them for yourself, I've posted it to my blog (I say my blog, this is the first post and it wasn't created for this purpose at all, but it'll do for saving recipes and things for now) over here!

So, you'd think that with us starting the day with such a yummy breakfast, I'd be in a good mood today, right? Nope. I've felt really crap all day. Just down and even a bit anxious at times. We haven't really done much. Paid Carl's car tax, we stopped by to see his mum. We cooked a lovely dinner too, spicy sausage and vegetable pasta. We just took whatever we had in and threw it in a wok, then served it with pasta. Lovely!

Tonight, we went to see Anchorman 2 with Matthew Lee. I can see why some people didn't rate it, however I loved it! I loved the silly humour and randomness of the first and the second was just as funny to me. Carl thought it was a bit redic but eh, he was laughing as much as I was!

I do hope tomorrow I feel less grumpy. Maybe it's my crazy female hormones...
Mood: gloomygloomy
12 December 2013 @ 12:13 am
On Monday Matt invited us round as he was burning some off his garden rubbish. Mainly the wooden fence he's just ripped out and replaced. I took my camera despite Carl telling me I wouldn't get any decent pictures as it'd be too dark. However, I proved him wrong!, I've recently mastered shooting in manual and I managed to get some fab pictures of the flames!

You can view the pictures in full size by clicking on them (hopefully). There's a few more on my Flickr
09 September 2013 @ 09:55 pm
So, I'm working on a little project at the moment (which I'm not going to announce just yet) and I've sketched an image to go at the top of the webpage I'm in the process of setting up. I began making the image pretty basic with a fill colour and a little shading. Then, today I spotted some pretty flowery napkins on my mum's kitchen table and I thought the pattern it'd look pretty cool as a pattern in my image... which it does. But now I'm torn between flowery and plain. I think plain has that minimalistic, clean feel about it. The flowery design is quite pretty and possibly goes more with the theme of my project. I just can't decide though! What do you guys think?  Vote for the one you like the most but that also feels professional. :)

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